Add IPv6 address for AWS EC2 Instance

Original in Chinese, but it is useful for English speaking people to use, just try to translate with my own words and steps. Simple so far.

Step 1: Add IPv6 for VPN: on your Instnace page, click the VPC name, on the Action pull-down, select Edit CIDRs, just add IPv6.

Step 2: Add IPv6 CIDR for subnet: On the instance page again, click the subnet ID, there on Actions menu, Edit IPv6 CIDRs, input the required two digits as “00” for the first subnet, click Save.

Step 3: Add all the related IPv6 security group inbound rule, just copy all IPv4, but change the source as ::/0

Step 4: Assign IPv6 address to Instance: In the “Manage IP Addresses” window, just click assign on the IPv6, it will auto-assign the existing IPv6 address.

Step 5: Add IPv6 route table to the Internet Gateway, On the VPC page, click “Route Tables” menu, in the Actions, select Edit Routes, just add a new routes which destination is “::/0” and Target as “Internet Gateway” and then select the right Internet gateway.

Step 6: Use ping6 to verify new IPv6 address is pingable, and last step to goto your DNS provider add AAAA record for your domains.